What Are the Different Kinds of Masonry Contractor Restoration Jobs?

 Masonry restoration can be done on modern and historical structures. The call for this type of masonry service stems from different reasons, such as the weather, negligence, seismic movements, or bad quality workmanship. While masonry restoration is usually self-evident, it is crucial that you first speak to a professional masonry contractor regarding the extent of damage, what caused it, and how to go about rectifying it.

 The kind of restoration will usually depend upon the age, type, place, and condition of a structure. Historical or listed buildings need to be handled more carefully than today’s modern buildings. Structures that are in areas of seismic high risk will need to adhere to different masonry repair methods. The most common are tuckpointing and repointing. These 2 are sometimes mistaken for the same thing, however, there is a difference. Repointing is filling in any the gaps due to damaged joints, and tuck pointing means replacing deteriorated mortar.

 With both scenarios, the appearance and strength of the old mortar must be considered when making new mortar. The new must be able to bond with the old and cannot cause any undue stress which causes them to crumble or flake. The completed job must be consistent, in addition to being aesthetically appealing in appearance.

 Replacing and resettling are also types of restoration, which is done on loose, fallen or  broken buildings. Displaced and damaged bricks can be set back into place, with the aid of new mortar. If other materials are not available, new ones that conform to the original can be used instead. When possible, more so on listed or historical buildings, it is always recommended to try to reuse the old material. Production methods today are not the same as they once were, and this will affect a building’s structural strength. Another reason to reuse old material is to match as close as possible the original materials.

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